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Root Canal Therapy – Granby, CT

We Relief Tooth Pain
and Save Teeth

Woman receiving root canal therapy

Although many people cringe at the mere mention of a root canal, did you know that this procedure actually saves teeth from needing to be extracted? It’s true. Without root canal therapy in Granby, CT, many more patients would be missing teeth or be stuck with severe tooth pain. Dr. Chawla and Dr. Endres will always ensure that you are completely comfortable before beginning this treatment, relieving your pain in the process and preserving your natural tooth.

Why Choose Salmon Brook Dental Associates for Root Canal Therapy?

  • CEREC Same-Day Crowns Available
  • Dental Insurance Accepted
  • Gentle, Skilled Dentists

What is the Root Canal Process?

Model of the inside of a healthy tooth

The root canal procedure is fairly simple. Once we have given you a local anesthetic, any pain you may be experiencing will be taken away. Then, we will remove the infected tissue and structure, including the pulp or center of the tooth where the nerves are located. After we’ve clean and sealed the inner chamber, we’ll design and create your custom dental crown. Using CEREC technology, we should be able to place it within an hour, eliminating the need to return for an extra visit.