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Advanced Dental Services & Technology – Granby, CT

We Use State-of-the-Art Equipment

Woman receiving 3D CT conebeam scan

These days, technology seems to change on a daily basis, and it’s no different in dentistry. At Salmon Brook Dental, we stay on top of technological developments and bring the best to our dental office in order to improve the way we treat our patients. From faster diagnosis to more comfortable therapies, our technology makes your overall dental experience better. Below are descriptions of the advanced devices we use here in our Granby dental office.

CBCT Scanning Machine

CBCT scanner with grey background

As a part of our commitment to the latest technology, our office has a CBCT scanner. This hi-tech machine allows us to see the underlying bone structure and nerve pathways in the mouth with great detail. In less than a minute, this amazing instrument captures hundreds of all-digital images by rotating around the patient’s head. We use these images for a variety of purposes, including treatment planning and models for restorations. The CBCT scanner offers a more efficient, precise, and effective way of capturing images of the mouth, leading to better dental care and patient experiences.

Intraoral Camera

Dentist and patient looking at intraoral images

Some areas of the mouth, such as the back molars, can be difficult to see with only a dental mirror. Using a small intraoral camera, we can take a closer look, allowing us to make more accurate diagnoses. We also can show you these intraoral images on our chairside TVs in order to explain any problems we see. With more information, you can make more confident decisions for your oral healthcare.

Digital X-Rays

Digital dental x-rays on tablet computer

In the past, X-rays took time to be developed, but our digital X-rays are available for our review immediately. Not only does that help us diagnose problems sooner, but it means that we don’t have to use harsh chemicals to develop X-ray film, helping the environment. In addition, digital X-rays involve significantly less radiation exposure, making them potentially less harmful for both patients and our team members.

Digital Impression System

Digital impressions on chairside computer

We use impressions of your teeth to create custom restorations and oral appliances, and if you’ve ever had impressions taken before, you’re likely familiar with the messy putty molds. These traditional impressions can be uncomfortable, to say the least. That’s why we use a digital impression system. This small device scans your mouth and takes precise measurements of your teeth so that we are able to provide a perfect fit.

Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry

Hand holding a laser dentistry hand tool

Sometimes, the gums need more attention and treatment than the teeth. When we need to perform scaling and root planing to resolve gum disease, we use a soft tissue laser. This technology allows us to specifically target harmful bacteria and plaque and spare healthy gum tissue. Also, we can use this device to remove infected gum tissue without needing to use sutures, which means that you’ll experience less discomfort and bleeding.

Cavity Detection System

Cavity detection hand tool

Cavities can be easy to identify later in development, but they can be tricky to find early on. As a result, tooth decay can progress and cause damage or pain down the road. To help us catch tooth decay sooner, we use a cavity detection system that illuminates subtle problem areas that may look fine with the naked eye. Then, we’re able to provide the intervention necessary to stop tooth decay before it has a real chance to start.